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La Foresta

cuba recipes .org - La Foresta, a luxurious in the East Havana

La Foresta: a luxurious Eden. In a quiet and isolated area, appears this new luxury restaurant, which occupies an old and beautiful house of the fifties with a very modern style.

Castas y Tal

Moved from a 11th floor in the neighborhood of El Vedado to Central Havana, Castas & Tal has gone from being an old-fashioned "paladar" to become in a trendy restaurant bistro-style.


Accessible and secretive at the same time, this restaurant is pleased to offer customers a menu at the crossroads between tradition and novelty.

Le Chansonier

The combination of flavors that the Chansonnier offers it’s rare and hard to find. The mix of French and Caribbean cuisine appears in every single one of its recipes.

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