Factorí­a Plaza Vieja

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Art and culture come together in Factoría Plaza Vieja, an establishment serving delicious light, dark and black beer as well as malt brewed on site using Austrian technology. Situated in one of the most lively areas in town, this peculiar spot has also become a permanent gallery showing pictures of meetings and gatherings organized here.

Both Plaza Vieja (Old Square) beer and malt may go with hamburgers, sandwiches, brochettes, sausages and other lunch and dinner choices, together with a tour around the production area.

Highly qualified master brewers bear witness to the quality of beer and malt that visitors enjoy either inside or outdoors, infected by the lively bustle of the Old Square, where Café El Escorial and Santo Ángel restaurant also stand. Several Havana families and other famous businesses have left their mark on this century-old historic building.

(This description was taken from La Web de Habaguanex S.A.)

Open Hours: From 12:00 m to 12:00 pm. Every day

Address:  San Ignacio, Esq. Muralla

Average price:  $7.00 CUC and under

Phone: (537) 866 4453