Casa Colonial 1830

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Casa Colonial 1830, is one of the most beautiful colonial constructions built in Trinidad at 1800's. Located in historical centre, in front of Viazul bus station, this centenary building have a very wide main lounge, set in his center for columns that characterize her in the style of epoch.

There is this house catalogued by the Oficina del Conservador like a house of high heriditary value, differing in his beauty inside this one town stopped in the time. 5 rooms that survive as the rest of the colonial house, since they support the wall original paintings and possess original structure. With privacy, air conditioning, private bath, hot water and most facilities.

Dinner and breakfasts are offered by request of the client. Enjoy patio listen Cuban music or dancing Salsa.

Address:  Gustavo Izquierdo No. 124 E/ Simon Bolivar y Piro Guinart, Trinidad

Phone: (53 41) 993735